22nd-30th November 2021

LIVE NOW – Stakeholders Workshop

Finally, after almost two years of restrictions due to Covid-19, we are meeting in presence to discuss about MIETC curricula with involved stakeholders. The event aims to deepen participants’ knowledge and understanding on the role of providing participants with skills and competences on industrial entrepreneurship that aligned to the needs of labor market what is expected to raise awareness and contribute to a sustainable economic development in the targeted regions. 

The programme for these days is intense but we are looking forward to meeting stakeholders from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.



12th-13th March 2020

Kick-off meeting 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Kick-off meeting was held online.The main goal of this first meeting was to ensure good coordination of the partners’ activities. The Partners discussed and developed the work plan and defined the strategies to implement different aspects of the project including dissemination, quality assurance and sustainability. It was also a good occasion to talk over the financial and administrative management.

The main issues and action points are described here.


20th March 2020

TKM Inner Communication and Management Meeting

Several issues have been discussed, such as nomination for the boards and project logo. You can find out more here.



28th March 2020

OnLine Info Day 

A meeting was held on 28th Mrch to describe the first results of the market analysis of Turkmenistan.






22nd May 2020

Implementation Plan 

Considering the whole project workload, divided into five Work Packages, the meeting was held to define the list of tasks per partner. Click here to find out more.



23rd June 2020

Dissemination, promotional campaigns, info and open days

Click here and read about the presentation of MIETC project at the traditional international conference “Science, Engineering and Innovative Technologies in the Era of Power and Happiness”.


8th July 2020

Website and Visual Identity

UNF presented the Project website and social media pages. Read more about the visual identity of the MIETC project here.



29th September 2020

Internal Communication and Coordination

Several issues were discussed during this operative meeting: administrative and Financial issues, Quality Assurance, Analysis of international master programs and Curriculum design and preparation from USC; Needs analysis and survey by AYeconomics; English training program from EKSTU. Click here to know more about the updated work plan.



14th October 2020

Dissemination Actions  Report

The meeting was held to describe the objectives, planned target groups and channels as well as indicators to measure the performance of the project’ planned activities. Read the report here


9th February 2021

Meeting of the Management and Academic Boards

In the framework of the implementation of the MIETC project, the consortium held an online
meeting of the Management Board and the Academic Board. The project’s Quality Assurance Plan was presented and approved. The Master will be structured around 4 thematic priorities (Data Usage, Management, Business positioning and Engineering) with 12 compulsory subjects. Representatives from KEUK, TSIEM and TUT presented a summary of the accreditation process in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan respectively. Based on this, the Academic Board will define a roadmap for the accreditation of the new Master Program. The meeting fostered fruitful discussions among the project’s management bodies, laying the foundations for the achievement of the short-term project objectives.