MIETCManagement of Industrial Entrepreneurship for Transition Countries – is a capacity building project funded by the Europenan Union (EU) to strengthen academic capacity of Higher Education Institutions, HEIs, in Industrial Entrepreneurships in Central Asia (Kazakshstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan). In the framework of this project European Institutions (AYeconomics, University of Ljubljana, University of Naples Federico II and University of Santiago de Compostela) will help Central Asia HEIs to develop and implement an interdisciplinary Master program and to establish sustainable cooperation between partner´s HEI and labor market. The purpose behind the MIETC project is to build the capacity of the human capital in the HEIs of Central Asian countries on industrial entrepreneurship aiming to provide students skills and competencies more aligned to the needs of their labour markets. There are two types of human capital, especially the difference is very obvious at industrial sectors: “old” generation of specialists who received education in Soviet Union time and “young” generation graduated during Independence time. The Soviet education system produced good technical specialists but lacking market skills. On the other hand, since the independence the education system has been worsen significantly in some countries by decreasing of funding into education and research, by not transparent governance. The private sector usually not consider academy as a source of the best expertise and research capability. The lack of market-oriented education is among the reasons of mismatch of education and labour market. Moreover, education materials and teaching methodology are modernized up to nowadays considerably.

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